Port Credit

Port Credit is located at the south of Mississauga. It’s bounded by the Seneca Ave to the north east, the Canadian National Railway to the north west, Lorne Park neighborhood to the south west, and Lake Ontario to the south east. It is home to one of the original villages that pre-dated Mississauga. The strategic location at the mouth of the Credit River made it an important point for fur trade and exchange of goods by the Ojibwa (now known as the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation). The excellent harbor helped the area to thrive, and a village plan was laid out in 1834. Today Port Credit is one of Mississauga’s most iconic communities with its scenic harbor and thriving main street that features more than 400 shops, restaurants, boutiques and venues. To find out more about Port Credit visit portcredit.com. Home prices in Port Credit are generally way higher than the average for the city of Mississauga, as demonstrated next.

Housing Profile

Detached Houses

Detached houses in Port Credit have unique characters 

Semi Detached and Row Houses

Luxurious townhouses right by the lake


One of the many high end condo appartements buildings in Port Credit


What we love about Port Credit ?



The following is a list of schools that serves, fully or partially Port Credit (some of the schools only serve a part of Port Credit and not all of it). Please note that while I made my best to make sure that the list is as accurate as possible, it is your responsibility to verify your chosen school’s geographical boundaries, and if your address falls within them or not.

Public Schools

Catholic Schools

Private Schools

Attractions and Landmarks

Old Credit Brewing Co. (left) and Port Credit Lighthouse (right)

Gardens, Parks and Trails

Despite its relatively small size, Port Credit has an impressive number of parks and trails that include:


Port Credit has an abundance of pedestrian friendly shopping facilities. Port Credit Village along the Lakeshore Rd E has tens of shops, restaurants, cafes…etc. There is also the Credit Landing Shopping Centre in the western side of the community. A farmers Market is held every Saturday morning between June and October.

Newly built shops/residences along Lakeshore Rd (left) and the Credit Landing Shopping Center (right)

Sports and Leisure

Given its location by the mouth of the Credit River, Port Credit has a number of water sports facilities:

Places of Worship

St. Mary Star of the Sea church (left) and First United Church (right)


The Port Credit Go Station makes Port Credit a commuter paradise. Toronto’s Union station is only 30 minutes away via the Lakeshore West Line - Go Train, While Oakville Go Station is only 15 minutes away via the same line.


Port Credit area in general has good walking scores, compared to the rest of Mississauga. This is especially true for the properties closer to the Lakeshore Rd and Hurontario St.


The Port Credit Library, a beautifully designed building with nice views of the Credit River and Port Credit Memorial Park

Port Credit Library


No other neighborhood in Mississauga probably matches the gastronomic indulgence provided by Port Credit’s restaurants. Below are some of our favorites:
Snug Harbor Seafood Bar & Grill with its very strategic location (left). Many of the restaurants along the Lakeshore Rd have patios for the summer (right)

Heritage Properties

Given its history, Port Credit has a large number of heritage properties. Only Streetsville and Meadowvale Village have more heritage properties than Port Credit. Below is a list of the most notable ones: